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Prison for dog abuser from Tulcea

Demand the authorities to investigate horrific and unprovoked dog attack in Romania

Ask the Ministry of Justice and the General Prosecutor of Romania to control what went wrong with the investigation made by prosecutor against the dog abuser from Tulcea, who was declared not guilty for strangling and hanging a dog despite the CCTV recordings.

In May 2018, a member of the public ruthlessly and barbarically strangled, beat, and tortured a female dog in Tulcea, Romania.

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Dog abuser caught on surveillance cameras

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The sickening act of violence was caught on surveillance cameras by a local store owner who promptly reported the savage attack to the relevant authorities in Romania.

The dog, who had ventured away from her 8 puppies where they were living under a construction site, sat watching the man as he petted his own dogs in his front garden. She then ventured towards him, wagging her tail when he reached out as if to pet her.

The man then unexpectedly and aggressively grabbed her and commenced a ferocious attack which lasted over 5 minutes. It included; strangling with his hands and a rope, crushing her neck with his knees, and trying to remove her eye with his fingers. At the end of the footage, she lies motionless and appears dead as he drags her off by a rope around the neck.

By some miracle, the dog survived but she must have been unimaginably scared during the attack. Afterward, she reportedly lay nursing her puppies for 4 days without eating. ROLDA, a Romanian dog rescue charity, undertook a 6 hour round trip to rescue both the mother dog and her pups. We have named her Hope and she is one of the most loving, beautiful dogs we have met. Our heart breaks to think that happened to her.

Since the incident, ROLDA reported this atrocity to City Hall In Tulcea and also alerted the relevant authorities in the local town and the Romanian capital, Bucharest. We were met with silence, until Dec 2019, where we received the official document confirming the video footage had been viewed by the police, that no crime had been committed and the man had been ‘interacting’ with the dog, but not abusing her.

We are absolutely disgusted by this response because the footage is very clear. This man barbarically attacked an innocent animal with no mercy. It is beyond belief that anyone would want to commit such an act of cruelty, let alone watch footage of it and decide to let him off. The message from authorities is clear; in Romania, the public is permitted to abuse innocent animals with no consequenceWe at ROLDA say no, this is not acceptable and we will not rest until justice is served.

The law is very clear in this regard: any act of cruelty towards animals is punishable with a prison sentence between 3 months and 1 year. The evidence on the surveillance camera could not be more clear, this brutal man needs to be brought to justice. Please sign our petition to have this man arrested and charged.

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