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Chained animals are abused animals! Don’t be an animal abuser!
Don’t be part of animal abuse. Report it!

What is the reality?

The reality is heartbreaking. Go to any village in Romania, and you will always see dogs in chains.

Inhumane Conditions

In 2008, we were led to believe that dogs in Romania would be freed from their chains, but we were lied to, and now 13 years have passed, and the authorities continue to do nothing. They do not bother to enforce the law, which will bring a little comfort to these animals because let’s face it: they don’t care about dogs!

Dogs died chained

There have been cases of owners leaving home for weeks (even months) and returning to find their dog died while chained. They die of hunger, sunstroke, or thirst. They die in agony with no way to get out. There have been cases when a house was on fire, and nobody remembered to unchain the dog.

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Help ROLDA break the dog chains!

Together, we can release dogs from prison for life!

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Help ROLDA free more chained dogs

ROLDA helps free dogs from their chains whenever possible. Injured dogs are easier to free because their owners don’t want to waste money on their treatment. Without our intervention, these poor dogs would continue to live imprisoned and in pain.

We break chain for these dogs (and many others) together!

What does Romanian law say about dogs in chains?

In Romania, the law says that it is forbidden to keep a dog in chains.

Law 9 from 2008 (also known as Marinescu law) was never enforced! The law is punishing people who abuse animals (including, among other things, those who don’t provide food, medical treatment, or restrict the dog’s possibility to move freely) with up to 3 years in prison.

Animal Police and ANSVSA should have enforced the law. Animal Police was officially created by OUG 175/2020 and has the power to enforce the law, enter on people properties and free the dogs. But they have done nothing of the sort!

Romania writes laws because it gives the impression that it is a civilized country with morals, but the truth is that they are only avoiding sanctions from the UE.

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Do chains harm dogs?

A chain can cause a dog physical and psychological damage. It destroys the dog’s personality and obstructs their natural behavior. It is inhumane to keep your best friend chained! Dogs love to walk and run freely and explore. Chains frustrate them and increase their desire to escape at all costs, making them less sociable and insecure.

What happens to chained dogs?

People force chained dogs to live a daily nightmare. Chained dogs:

cannot escape from aggressive wild animals or free-roaming dogs

may tip over and empty water bowls while dragging a chain

do not receive adequate physical activity

die from strangulation after trying to jump over an object, such as a dog house

may be more likely to bite than well-socialized dogs

are susceptible to overheating and freezing in extreme weather

can wrap the chain around objects, thereby further restricting their range of motion

often lunge or pull against a chain, causing abrasions to the neck

suffer high exposure to disease-carrying insects, including ticks, fleas, and mosquitos

are forced to urinate and defecate in the same area where they eat and sleep

may bark continuously from boredom and frustration

Reasons NOT to keep a dog chained

poor health

poor well-being

unable to socialize with humans and animals


What can you do when you see a chained dog?

Try to talk to the owner. Knock at the door and politely express your concerns about the dog. Suggest that they bring the dog inside

Call the Animal Police. If you aren't getting anywhere after speaking with the owner, the next step is to call your local animal police. Ensure you know the address where the dog is located and other details: if the dog is injured, if there is a doghouse or dog is protected from extreme weather, if the dog had water, food.

Always Speak Up. We all have heard, if not seen, dogs chained (and their dramas), and these images can't be forgotten easily. But just imagine these dogs' lives in chains, day after day.

Please do something about it, talk about it and stop it!

You have the power to become the hero (even an anonymous hero) that each dog hopes to have and who can help them be free to enjoy a life with dignity, where they can run free and express their natural behavior.

Help ROLDA unchain dogs! Chains are a form of neglect and abuse! Help us end this violence!

Will you take the next steps?

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