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Free Captive Animals in Romania

Law 205/2008, amended, says that “the possession and marketing of wild animals by unauthorized natural and legal persons, except zoos” is forbidden. The violation of this provision and those related to the cruel treatment of animals and their use for begging or non-assurance of the optimal conditions of life for them shall be punishable by imprisonment up to 12 months and a fine.

In Romania, animals such as wolves, snakes, bears, monkeys, and lions are illegally owned by individuals for hobby and profit. These animals have been smuggled into the country or trafficked further abroad without regard for their wellbeing.

One of the most deceptive and profitable businesses involving captive animals is wildlife tourism. Wildlife tourism exploits animals from birth until they are either euthanized or abandoned once they are no longer considered “valuable” by their owners. These animals endure years of suffering at their owners’ hands, who use cruel training methods to teach them to perform for tourists. The latest tourism “trend” involves private accommodations with wild animals, where captive animals are tied to a guest’s courtyard for the duration of their stay.

Wildlife Tourism in Romania

During the winter holidays, news media and social media channels revealed various pictures of Romanian tourists with wild animals, mostly deer and stags, held captive in small enclosures at various guesthouses in Bucovina, Harghita, Bistrita, and others.

At Plaiul Foii guesthouse, there are 11 deer and one stag crammed in a space of less than 2000 sq m complains silvic engineer L. Ciornei for the “Adevarul” newspaper.

In Borsa, Maramures, a guesthouse owner breeds deer in captivity for the meat industry and other guesthouse owners across Romania.

In Fantanele village, Arad county, Gheorghe C. keep in captivity in his garden, for many years, wild boars and bears in distressful conditions. A charity has been trying to relocate the bears to a sanctuary but have been unsuccessful. The justice system in Romania is often utopic. Meanwhile, the bears continue to live in hellish conditions under the “care” of this individual who does whatever he wants.

In Straja, the tourists that go skiing are entertained by Baloo, a bear with a story. Found in the forest in 2000 when he was a little baby, Baloo grew up between people. Later, he was adopted by a business man, Emil P. and moved to Straja where the bear and a captive deer apparently live together. Not long after 3 more bears joined the “family”. In February month every year, it is organized a sky contest and tourists crowd to take pictures with Baloo the star who is an oldie bear now. Source: http://skistraja.ro/baloo.html

Baloo from Straja could move on 625 square metters, while normally, a bear has 40-400 hectares as territory to wander. For over 10 years, the bear sanctuary from Romania was trying to relocate the poor wild animal, but authorities remained blind. For 20 years, Baloo was eating sandwiches, sweets, even beer from tourists and moving in circles, not being able to defend when he was pushed with sticks by tourists. Source: https://www.libertatea.ro/stiri/cazul-ursului-baloo-straja-mascota-asociatia-milioane-prieteni-sanctuar-zarnesti-3397550

Sign to release wild animals kept illegal in captivity by individuals for entertainment!

By signing this petition, you are helping these suffering animals by urging the ANSVSA and the Garda de Mediu (National Environmental Guard) inspectors to:
1. Ensure guesthouse owners are operating legally, with proper documentation.
2. Shut down illegal animal tourism operations across Romania.
3. Confiscate and relocate wild animals held illegally to sanctuaries.
4. Prosecute all individuals holding captive animals illegally.

Sign our petition for wild animals in Romania.

Your name will be added automatically to this letter immediately after you have signed our petition.

In attention of Mr. Director of ANSVSA
In attention of Mr. Director of Environment Guard

I join ROLDA’s appeal urging you to help captive animals in Romania being exploited for profit and to shut down or regulate the wildlife tourism industry in Romania by prioritizing animal welfare.
I implore you to act immediately to help these suffering animals being held against their will to entertain tourists and enrich their owners. All animals are sentient beings who deserve our respect and compassion.
Please act now to:
1. Ensure guesthouse owners are operating legally, with proper documentation.
2. Shut down illegal animal tourism operations across Romania.
3. Confiscate and relocate wild animals held illegally to sanctuaries.
4. Prosecute all individuals holding captive animals illegally.
The public is appalled and waiting for answers from the authorities. We count on you to protect captive animals who have no voice to defend themselves.

Kind regards

What else you can do?

1. Boycott guesthouses that exploit wild animals for profit.
2. Write a letter to guesthouse owners, urging them to prioritize animal welfare and public safety. (See example letter below).

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to ask you kindly to prioritize animal welfare and public safety.

Dozens of other travel pensions have already taken action on this issue. Until you make the compassionate decision to stop keeping wild animals imprisoned and stop other animal-exploiting activities, I will not be using your services for any of my travel plans.

Thank you for your consideration.

We appreciate you taking the time to help captive animals in Romania. We will keep you apprised of any new developments.

The ROLDA Team

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