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Despite the current laws that enforce minimal conditions for a shelter to function legally in Romania, the reality is horrific.

In 2013, public shelters in Romania were given the go ahead to euthanise 14 days post capture, after an alleged attack on a child in Bucharest by a pack of stray dogs.

Publicly funded animal shelters in Romania do not make the necessary investments to improve their facilities because they lack official monitoring and continue to operate unsupervised and unpenalised. Many public shelters are ran as a business because the authorities pay per dog euthanised, in the mistaken belief that this type of activity helps reduce the stray population.

This results in the neglect, abuse, and death of the thousands of stray dogs they incarcerate. The fortunate dogs who somehow manage to survive days in the inhumane environment of a public shelter are questionably, sometimes barbarically, euthanised, if they are not claimed or adopted.

We know this method of stray control doesn’t work because gentle and submissive dogs are easily captured, leaving the aggressive and feral dogs to reproduce. This is dangerous to the public.

Additionally, trap, neuter and return is illegal in Romania, so taking dogs from the streets only transfers their food supply over to puppies born after them. In other words, the space they leave is simply taken by another.

The kill method of stray dog control has been statistically proven not to work. It merely causes huge fear, suffering and a violent death for the poor animals who are unlucky enough to be caught.

Moreover, some independent charities who claim to provide a humane alternative to public shelters prefer to keep dogs in horrific conditions to gain pity and donations and in some cases, even enthusing hundreds of dogs annually while refusing to explain to the public their reasoning for taking the lives of these dogs.

The consequence of people’s inaction is always the same: Thousands of dogs living in misery day after day, eating each other to survive and dying of infectious diseases.

Sadly, thousands of illegal shelters exist across Romania, and the sole authority enforced to control them, the National Veterinary Authority, ANSVSA, allows them to continue operating.

Together we can demand ANSVSA to:
1. control all the shelters (funded publicly and privately)
2. ensure each shelter meets all the conditions for a minimal EU standard, as required by law
3. shut down immediately all the shelters who previously have been fined and who presently don’t have a legal shelter, as requested by the law
4. demand all the shelters to have a contract with a veterinarian who can publicly provide proof of the reasons why dogs have been euthanized

Please don’t close this webpage, because these problems will not be gone. You can do something to change this desperate situation!
Please, speak up today for your voiceless friends!

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To the President
(National Veterinary Authority in Romania)

I joined the group of concerned animal lovers of this Planet to ask:
ANSVSA to consider that animal welfare standards should not be respected solely on papers;
ANSVSA Inspectors to start working for the salary they are paid
and control the public shelters (but also “fosters” and other filthy private places that appeared all over Romania) where dogs are cramped to suffer, in money-making schemes.
These places should be given a deadline, as per the current laws, to complete renovations/ or be closed down if they don’t meet the EU laws.
Dogs suffered enough in Romania and it’s hard to believe dogs can leave healthy the filthy, illegal places to be safely rehomed in families across Europe.
Due to ANSVSA inspectors neglect, all European citizens and their pets are exposed to the risk of infections. More, dogs imprisoned in those places, continue to suffer.
I will continue to observe the situation and constantly address your institution as well as the European Commission until things will dramatically improve.

Kind regards

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