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Hope with her pups in Tulcea

Hope rehabilitation at ROLDA shelter

Hope rehomed in Sweden

Rescued in Romania, loved around the World: Uplifting stories from people who found a forever best friend in our shelters. Read some testimonials!

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For the countless animals cruelly locked in local public shelters, away from a compassionate world,

I still care about your freedom.

For millions of dogs who live each day of their life in a chain,

I promise you that I will fight until you will be unchain.

For each homeless animal that can be prevented to die at every 15 minutes, or remains crippled for life, after being hit by car on the roads,

You do not deserve this pain.

For the thousands of dogs, victims of illegal transports from East to West countries in Europe,

I pledge to keep fighting for animal rights and demand laws to be respected

I remain committed to achieving our unstoppable mission: to end animal cruelty and abuses and to create a safer future for the voiceless in my lifetime.

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