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Stop horses abuse in Romania

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Justice for 40 horses left to die in misery

Urge Romanian authorities to investigate, punish the perpetrator and relocate these horses immediately!

It’s hard and disturbing, but if you can, watch the video to understand how these horses are suffering.
Silence is killing animals around us. Silence will never put an end to animals abuse!

Be their voice!

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In attention of
Mr. Director of ANSVSA and
Politia Animalelor (IPJ Constanta)

I join ROLDA’s appeal to urge you to:
Find the abuser of horses located in Techirghiol
Make a public statement about the investigation outcome
Relocate the remained horses to safety
The public is appalled and waiting for answers from the authorities. We count on you to keep abusers away from innocent animals who have no voice to defend themselves.

Kind regards


The rap musician Puya spread the news about 40 horses left to die on a field near Constanta.

28 January: The 25 surviving horses were moved to a sheep facility under the local authorities observation. Nobody knows where the other 15 horses are.
ROLDA initiated the online petition which you are kindly asked to share with your friends, animal lovers.

29 January: One of the (very) few reputable media news informed that the owner of the horses is actually a DIICOT prosecutor. We fear for the worst because if this is true because no justice will be ever done for these horses and their tragedy will be put on silent!

1st February: 2 more horses unfortunately died. Others are in critical conditions. The horses are supposed to stay in the sheep facility for 45 days before horse rescuers can adopt/relocate them.

02 February: Marius Marinescu from FPAM (abbreviation for Federation for Animals and Environment Protection Romania) started the legal procedure against the prosecutor.

ROLDA contacted all big international charities we could think of and basically beg them to join our efforts to make the horses tragedy heard. The authorities might start to properly investigate the prosecutor only if they will be under massive pressure from public opinion. We hoped that a big foreign charity will take the lead, inform the international media, make enough noise so the horses tragedy can’t be ignored. We are still hoping for justice for these horses!

These are the letters sent by ROLDA to Romanian authorities.

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