Shut Down All Illegal Pounds in Romania

/Shut Down All Illegal Pounds in Romania

Shut Down All Horrific Pounds in Romania

Despite the existent law that enforce minimal conditions for a shelter to function legally in Romania, the reality is, most of the time, horrific:

Either shelters funded from public money don’t make necessary investments, either shelters are too poor to afford these investments, either – in some cases, unfortunately, animal lovers or even charities prefer to keep dogs in horrific conditions to get foreign people’s pity and donations and in some cases, charity/ies that “put to sleep” hundreds of dogs annually and refuse to explain public the reason for taking these dogs lives.

The consequence of people actions is always the same: Thousands of dogs living in misery, day after day, eating each other to survive, dying of infectious diseases. Some shelters are “putting to sleep” the dogs who are not adopted in 14 days. The methods in which euthanasia takes place are also often questionable.

Illegal shelters exist across Romania and the sole authority enforced to control these places, the National Veterinary Authority ANSVSA let them continue to function.

Together we can demand ANSVSA to:

  1. control all the shelters (funded publicly and privately)
  2. make sure each shelter meets all the conditions for a minimal EU standard, as required by law
  3. shut down immediately all the shelters who previously have been fined and who presently doesn’t have a legal shelter, as requested by the law
  4.  demand all the shelters to have contract with a veterinary who can publicly proof the reasons why the dogs have been euthanized

If you turn back your head or shut down this webpage these problems will not be gone. Contrarily, you can do something to change this desperate situation!
Speak up today for your voiceless friends!

Dear Mr. President of ANSVSA, The public opinion is appalled to see the conditions in which some Romanian shelters function. Many Romanian shelters, funded both publicly and privately.  The legislation in Romania doesn’t have to be respected only when it’s in someone’s advantage, but to be respected in full. The lack of law enforcement create constant suffering for thousands and thousands of homeless dogs, imprisoned in horrible “shelters” who don’t respect the minimal standard of functionality. Sir, please control all the shelters in Romania and remove the authorization to all who doesn’t respect the minimal conditions and to those who abuse or euthanize unjustifiable the dogs they were suppose to protect. Please react today!