Stop the wild flying

/Stop the wild flying

Tell Airlines to Stop The Wild Flying

The death of Cecil the lion shouldn’t be in vain!
Let’s focus on: stop international trophy hunting; protect endangered species and protect the natural and economic resources of the countries where these animals live.

ROLDA International has started a campaign addressed to Star Alliance, Emirates and OneWorld to review and strengthen their policies concerning the shipment of trophy kills.

Join our campaign to ask the international flight companies to refuse the transport of hunting trophies, reducing the ability of the trophies hunters to take homes their kill.

Note: Our campaign is addressed to OneWorld, Star Alliance and Emirates Emails will be sent automatically to their Press department.

I pledge to: Join ROLDA International initiative in urging the airline companies to end the transport of hunting wild trophies . I support the international community's fight to ban trophy hunting.  #StopWilfFlying