Stop Illegal Logging in Romania

/Stop Illegal Logging in Romania

Romania virgin forest represents 65% of total virgin forests of Europe, except Russia. But now they are in danger of disappear, transformed into cash, particularly in illegal timber industry.

While cash is important for economy, doesn’t substitute the oxygen. And oxygen is life. When forests are gone, not only hundreds of species of plants and wildlife will disappear but also our future will be gone. The life will be gone.

In 1974: 12% of Romania forests were virgin.
In 2011 the percentage is 3%. From these, only 18% are protected by law.
3 ha are deforested cut each hour and 8.8 million cubic meters of timber per year. The illegal timber cut in Romania represents 50% of the whole timber harvested.

Schweighofer is Romania’s biggest producer of softwood, processing around 40% of the country’s annual production. Romania’s vast and largely intact forests, which are home to bison, lynx and bears, have lost 280,000 hectares of forest during the last decade, according to satellite analyses, most of it because of illegal logging. Source Spiegel


1. Boycott companies who do illegal timber trade in Romania!

Schweighofer is Romania’s biggest producer of softwood, processing around 40% of the country’s annual production.
IKEA was recently exposed by TV France 2 for being involved in illegal timber trade. According to FRANCE 2: “Romanian virgin forests become furniture in the homes of rich Europeans” read more
Recently 33600 hectares (83000 acres) of forest from north Romania who belong to Harvard University was sold to IKEA, soon after Swedish company was after banned to cut timber from Russia.

The illegal timber supplies processors and retailers around the world, including some of Europe’s largest DIY stores like Hornbach in Germany, Baumax (Austria / Germany), Bricostore (owned by UK-based Kingfisher, who also own B&Q), Italian energy giant Enel, Swedish company IKEA, SPAR Austrian supermarket ….all these countries have their own beautiful forests which these companies don’t dare to attack.

Alexander von Bismark, executive director of EIA US, said, “It’s devastating for Europe’s last virgin forest and the communities that depend on them, but also for legitimate foresters throughout Europe.”

2. Buy a Certificate to help us save forests in Romania before it will be too late!

To whom it may concern

28000 hectares of forests gone in Romania in the past 10 years and according to media, your company is part of this. When forests disappear, plants, animals and people are affected. There are: climate, hydrologic and geomorphic irreversible consequences. But you already know this. That’s why you protect your own country’s forests. You have a moral duty in front of your clients from around the World to give straight answers about these allegations: Is your company involved in illegal logging and is your company a direct beneficiary of the timber illegally produced in Romania? If you want to make a minimal effort to keep your clients (who care about the nature and about the next generation’ future) satisfied and correctly informed, now it’s a good time to make a press release with official documents testifying that your company uses only timber produced legally in Romania. Money is power and in a country like Romania, maybe money can buy silence. But your company clients will be severely disturbed to be, against their wishes, part of an illegal scheme or to hear that your company is managed with no ethics and no moral values. Romania is the country where these illegal attacks happen only because we allow them to happen! Until we will not! Stop deforestation! Stop export of unprocessed wood! Stop ruin our kids’ future! NOW!