Mr Mittal: Do not let your dogs die

/Mr Mittal: Do not let your dogs die

Multi-billion company abuses dogs in Romania.

Ask for Justice for thousands abused strays.

To  Lakshmi Mittal, CEO of ArcelorMittal

This is how your company from Galati, Romania treated ROLDA, the charity that looked after your steel plant’ dogs over the past years:

  • Promised to build a modern shelter since 2007, which is still not completed;
  • Postponned vital investments like water and electricity for shelter from 2007 to 2014, exposing people and animals to high risk;
  • Reduced the already negotiated dogs’ budget, harming the dogs wellbeing, pretending that they will use these “saved’ money to finish all the investments until 2018;
  • After dogs’ money were taken, these investments (included in the legal contract between your steel plant and ROLDA) were stopped;
  • Your company’ manager threaten and blackmailed ROLDA;
  • Money taken from dogs for investments were never returned;
  • The shelter was left with no sewage machine, exposing the dogs, staff and volunteers/visitors to high risk of infection;
  • The debts made in ROLDA name by your company to a building company during 2015 were not paid in full;
  • Your company’ department lied in the Court of Law.
  • Your steel plant benefited of publicity for the dog’ project around the World, but never finished this project;
  • Your company was helped by private donors from around the World, convinced by ROLDA to contribute to the shelter’ improvement (e.g. running spaces, natural wind barrier) and these donors feel betrayed, exactly as ROLDA feels, by your company attitude.
  • Currently, thousands of dogs are roaming inside the steel plant premises. Employees are not allowed to feed them. What is these dogs’ future?

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Mr. Mittal:

ROLDA s accomplishment during just 6 years: reducing with 90% the stray dogs population at the steel plant using humane methods.

But following your company abuses, thousands of dogs now suffer!

I am one citizen of this Planet that will not allow this to happen. Like me, probably many others. The previous attempts made by ROLDA supporters to solve this matter rationally and morally hit a brick wall.

I am stunned that the abuses committed by the manager of steel plant in Romania are tolerated by your company headquarter and especially by you.

Sir, you dont need the dogs money! However your company made an agreement with ROLDA to take the dogs money and make investments but this didnt happen. ROLDA dogs money are profit for your company! This is revolting!

Sir, thousands of dogs suffer because of your company immoral, wrongful and indifferent management.

Your success in business is a model for generations. You cant be successful professionally if you are not moral and ethic. No company can be successful based on threats, blackmail, and revenge, especially when these are turned against voiceless souls who suffer as you read these lines.




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